Can Lab-Grown Meat Ever Taste as Good as the Real Thing?

Scientists may be closer than ever to creating a lab grown burger as good as the real thing. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.

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Scientists have been making lab grown meat for a while.
But even though non-meat... meat can now be produced for the reasonable price of eleven dollars a burger-
-down from an unfathomable $325,000 for a single patty in 2013.
The truth is in the taste… so can science make a good enough tasting burger for carnivores to make the switch?
Well, tastings of lab grown meat in the past have been mixed.
According to science news, in 2003 several tasters spit out cultured meat in a live tasting, but not for it’s flavor, for its texture.
Saying it was like quote “jelly on fabric.”
And since the creators of the impossible burger have already identified the flavor qualities we’re looking for a molecular level and have gotten pretty close with their plant-based burger
texture may be the big hurdle.
Various problems with lab grown meat, specifically emulating muscle fibers that feel like they’ve been used is tough.
And meat isn’t just muscle… you need fat and connective tissue to complete the picture as well.
But since The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that meat production accounts for 14 and a half percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.
It may be more important than ever to find an meat-alternative.
But really… we just want to give ole’ bessy… a break.

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