I Wrote This Light Novel In Like A Day, It Sucks And I Hate It

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Welcome to the world of light novels--where the guys are douchebags, the girls are sex objects, and the author doesn't give a shit--where everyone is in high school, but for legal reasons is also over the age of 18--where the jokes are all obnoxious meta-humor, and the deadlines are tighter than the noose around the reader's neck. Take a dive into Digibro's mad gonzo fiction--a reality in which it's not fair to say that the forth wall is broken, so much as that there are no walls, and the audience is floating in the void of space. A farcical, fast-moving, and ferociously mean-spirited journey into a mind that pop culture has utterly broken.


For anyone not keeping track: this shitty light novel was written because of a challenge I announced in WEEK 4 of Eromanga-sensei every week, where I bet that I could write an entire light novel before the next episode of the podcast, because of the main characters of the show pumping out shitty light novels at such absurd rates.

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