Capital Kings - Northern Sky [feat. KB] (Official Audio Video)

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I'm following the only light in the northern sky / Give all that I got just to be alive / If you feel the same put ‘em up real high / The party don’t stop we celebratin’ this life / Cause one day this city will turn into dust / So until that day comes I’ll be lifting You up / You're the only light that won’t ever die / All the way up, way up in the northern sky / Yeah the boy devoted / The coldest and you know it / Been at it for awhile so don’t ask me where I’m going / I'm the type that just gon’ show it / Out here in the moment / So if you down with that pack your bags let’s keep it coastin’ / I'm just livin’ life to the fullest / Not many can say that they do this / Travel round the world and back / Yeah thats a fact / Don’t believe me you snoozin’ / Set free yeah I’m gone so I guess this is goodbye / Only one place that I’m headed straight up through the northern sky / Way up in the northern sky / Oh it's obvious that I'm confident / Raybans and my moccasins / Mockin' my prerogatives / And I'ma still roll out no marketing / Pull up in the Mazda 6 / Tell 'em I'm parkin' here / Pardon the art / Know it's hard to chill / When I'm turnin' the whole park into Parkinson's / Cuz it's shakin' / You ain't really gotta okay it / You ain't really gotta go say it / You ain't really gotta go crazy / You crazy / We all over the country / That's so Paisley / Imago Dei this place / Ok ok / Boy let me stop playin' / Everybody better run it right now / Run it right now / Cause He's comin back now / If you runnin' yo mouth / Better ándale / Come to face God cause He's runnin' this house / The devout boy you know gon' shout / Not a doubt we are proud / And never back down / Lay it down, take a cross get a crown / From the lost to the found / Get lost in the Northern Sky / One life so we live it up

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