Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 1: It Begins!

I got a headset now and I decided I would try start a LP series because a lot of people have been asking me to. I'll still be posting new invention / tutorial videos separate from the LP videos.

Hopefully this LP will be a bit different than most minecraft LPs. I have a few guildlines I'll try to follow in my episodes:

#1: I'm going to try teach you how to build cool, functioning things in mine craft.
#2: I'm not going to explain all the basic introductory details about the game to you.
#3: I am not going to focus on killing mobs, exploring, or building things that serve no purpose.
#4: I'm not going to build things and then show them to you. This is a "Let's" Play, meaning I want you there with me when I build, plan, and discover things.

I am aware that my commentary is a bit dry and flat, but I'm hoping that will improve as I do this more.

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