New HALLOWEEN Skins Coming to Fortnite..

New HALLOWEEN Skins Coming to Fortnite.. (New Fortnite Leaked Skins Coming to Item Shop) Fortnite Hallowhead Skin & Plague Skin Coming out in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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New HALLOWEEN Skins Coming to Fortnite..

How to Unlock *FREE* Ghost Portal Back Bling! (Skull Trooper Challenges)

How to Unlock *SECRET* Purple Glow Skull Trooper Skin for FREE! (NEW Skull Trooper Skin)

Fortnite Confirms 100% that the Skull Trooper is Returning

The NEW WEAPONS UPDATE in Fortnite..

New DEEP FREEZE Skins Bundle in Fortnite..


the Fortnite FEMALE SKULL TROOPER SKIN.. (Skull Ranger Skin)


the Fortnite DARK BOMBER SKIN is HERE!

the Fortnite SKULL TROOPER Skin is COMING BACK..

NEW Fortnite Update Coming TOMORROW! New Skins, Items, & Map

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