Manifest-Absolute Intelligence-Absolute Cleverness/Intellect/IQ

Manifest-Absolute Intelligence-Absolute Cleverness/Intellect/IQ

Absolute Intelligence-The power to possess a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency that can surpass anything in existence.
(The users intellectual faculties (mental capacity and concentration, memorization, mental calculation, thought processing, learning capacity, deductive reasoning, analyzation, intuition, creativity, instinct, perception, cognition, competency, etc.) transcend virtually all other sentient beings in the universe. All aspects of their intelligence are infinite, but inferior to Nigh-Omniscience and Total Omniscience. This power differs from Omniscience in that the user has, essentially, a limitless IQ and intellectual capacity, rather than having innate knowledge of everything. This is the greatest, most supreme level of intellect a being can attain.)

Also Called-12th Level Intelligence,Absolute Cleverness/Intellect/IQ,Endless/Infinite/Limitless/Unlimited/Perfect Intelligence

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subliminal includes:
Absolute Wits-The ability to have an absolute level of wit.
Accelerated Perception-The power to perceive everything at accelerated rate.
Accelerated Probability-The power to predict the outcomes of and what choices i could make.
Accelerated Thought Process-The power to process information at incredible speeds.
Detail Intuition-The power to notice, process and understand the details of any situation no matter how small.
Enhanced Brain Capacity-The ability to use my brain capacity far above the maximum level.
Enhanced Concentration Capacity-The ability to use my concentration far above the maximum level.
Enhanced Memory/Panmnesia
-The power to remember and recall experiences and events inhumanly well
-The power to remember absolutely everything one thinks, feels, encounters, and experiences
Encyclopedic Knowledge-The power to have innate encyclopedic knowledge.
Hyper-Instincts-The ability to have a mind which processes the world in the optimal way.
Hyper Mind-The ability to process unlimited amounts of information.
Hypercognition-The power to perform complex mental operations beyond those of a normal human mind
Infinite Creativity-The power to have access to a limitless amount of ideas.
Instant Learning-The ability to instantly gather and understand any knowledge via supernatural means
Intuitive Perception-The ability to analyze and instantly comprehend anything perceived.
Mental Evolution-The power to enhance myself or others by evolving the mind.
Multi-Focus-The ability to focus on multiple things at once.
Neuro-Psychic Knowledge-The power to manipulate wiring and functions in the cerebellum
Numerical Precision-The power to be precise with numbers and view the world as a numerical system.
Parallel Processing-The ability to carry out multiple thought processes at once.
Pattern Sense-The ability to perceive, analyze, and comprehend patterns.
Become an awesome analyst (analyze chemical components, texture, beneficial/harmful effects, etc.)
Sense a subject's true nature (age, gender, race, any diseases) to "out" shapeshifters, or the like.
Track down any specimen similar to one you've previously analyzed.
Calculate probabilities to infer the future.
Decipher any/all passages/paradigms of the world.

rest of abilities-superpowers in pinned post :)

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