America's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier Already Floating!

Aircraft carriers are part of the country's real estate on the high seas. Surely every country in the world would like to have as many aircraft carriers as possible. The need for aircraft carriers, at least during the First and Second World Wars, was to deliver aircraft to the site of a clash from the mainland, and this was extremely difficult given the scale of the theater of operations and the speed of aircraft of the last century. Therefore, it made sense to have such aircraft carriers that would ensure the presence of the country in international waters, far from its own borders.
The large size of the ships posed an important question for the army - can aircraft carriers stay away from enemy fire? And can they move quickly if they are needed elsewhere? These questions arise due to the fact that aircraft carriers, due to their size, become easy targets for enemy fire. But with radar, sonar, destroyers and smaller ships acting as eyes, ears and in many cases capable of returning fire, these issues are being addressed. But which of the presented modifications are the best? Let's find out.

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