An ASMR Sleep Study

In this video, you have come to the sleep clinic to participate in a sleep experiment! The experiment is specifically about the effect of ASMR triggers on the body during sleep so after I get you set up, I will present you with several different triggers (I tried to pick very soft triggers). Lights go off at 33:34 and triggers start around 47:49.

0:00 - 33:34 Checkup with breathing check, skin check, and applying electrodes
33:35 - 36:35 Lights off, checking sensors
36:36 - 39:07 Applying a few more electrodes for better reading
39:08 - 47:51 Typing and checking readings
47:52 - 54:30 Wooden hair brush and hair brushing
54:31 - 1:04:03 Reiki hand movements with crinkle shirt
1:08:52 - 1:14:59 Crinkle DVD cases
1:18:25 - 1:22:16 Inserting and organizing pins into pin cushion
1:24:48 - 1:31:24 Lids removing with both plastic and glass / metal
1:34:03 - 1:39:15 Stone coaster holder (no tapping, just gliding fingers and scratching)
1:42:13 - 1:49:26 Bags, faux leather and canvas first aid kid
1:53:02 - 1:56:51 Gentle plastic crinkles
2:00:47 - 2:03:48 Small wet natural sea sponge
2:06:41 - 2:13:05 Reiki movements with vinyl gloves

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asmr ~ asmr (or tingles) is very relaxing and can help you fall asleep or focus on work or tasks. traditional asmr focuses on achieving tingles, though not everyone needs to experience tingles to enjoy asmr. importantly, there are no loud surprises, only gentle and calming sounds to ease stress and anxiety. :)

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