♬ Nightcore Mix Sad Songs ♬ - Legends of nightcore June 2016

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Nightcore sad songs Feels :D

Sorry this took me a while but here it is :D Hope you enjoy

Angelicgirl2550 -
JustKidding Nightcore -
Keks Krümel -
Tanis Annillo -
Emmacore -
CybrrKitten -
NightcorexForever -
HeartlessDemonxw -
NightcoreReality -
MusicForMyDemons -
Le Forkkie -
NightcoreFactor -


~Thank you very much for the song list Rai Pratibha~

0:00 I Think I'm in Love Again
2:42 If I Die Young
6:19 It Girl
8:55 Right Love
12:14 Ships in the Night
15:52 So Cold
18:58 Some Nights
22:41 Stay
25:37 This Song is About You
28:20 Wasting All These Tears
31:17 Who You Are
34:24 You Lost Me
38:03 You're Not Sorry
41:36 Another Empty Bottle
44:51 Good Enough
47:55 Kiss it Better
51:20 Suicide
54:05 Her Last Words
57:21 21 Guns
1:01:27 A Drop in the Ocean
1:04:26 Breathe Me
1:08:35 Broken Ones
1:11:41 Dog Teeth
1:14:02 For the Love of a Daughter
1:17:06 His Daughter
1:21:41 Hurt

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