Warcraft 3: HellHalt TD Tutorial & I Made a Tier List!

Small Tutorial - 0:59
Tier List - 13:21
Strong Tier talk - 21:40
Good / Ok Tier talk - 33:14
Mediocre Tier talk - 1:01:41
Awful Tier talk - 1:27:14

Things I forgot to talk about:

I forgot to mention that each team gets 3 heals for the king in case it is needed. The king also gets one of the three random spells when level 5 finishes. (Shockwave, War stomp or immolation)

Another thing I forgot to mention was when I was talking about how sending random militia's /ghouls or any sends every wave are bad. Instead it is much better to just upgrade king to get income, since it doesn't piss anyone off and it doesn't feed the enemy. (Also it's beneficial to the team)

For Seraphim I only mentioned that you have to use Essence Surge wisely, but I forgot to mention WHY it is important to use it wisely. You can only essence surge 3 times since it only has 3 charges.

I hope this video helped you guys better understand this game and that you go out there and succeed at it! If not, then blame me lol.

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