Pilot Whale Slaughter In Faroe Islands / Video contains graphic content

Faroe Islanders are passionately adhering to their many-centuries tradition - killing small whales and dolphins. These people are not poor; they have enough food. They consider themselves Christians. They admire their medieval traditions even if these traditions are long outdated. This particular tradition of killing pilot whales is called grindadráp. They slaughter these animals just FOR THE SAKE OF KILLING! Everyone, who has heard about this tradition, feel nothing but disgust. It is inhumane and very cruel. It is even more tragic because such animals as dolphins are friendly to people and do not expect such treachery. However, proud and courageous Faroe men are very confident and this way they validate being true Faroese. Apparently, they have no other ways to prove their courage and they also don't want to prove it in any other way. These barbaric killings are the essence of the NATIONAL PRIDE of this island's inhabitants. They kill indiscriminately - males, pregnant females, babies - they KILL ALL. There is perpetual war between environment defenders and Faroe Islands. The Danish government sends police Special Forces and warships to defend this barbaric tradition. Activists and journalists are being arrested and sued. The Danish government defends its right to violate at least three international convention protecting whales and dolphins. This is not civilized! What is the difference between being human and inhuman? These people cannot be called humans. They are nothing but humanoids. Would you like to be around such people knowing that they are cruel and barbaric? That they are proud of killing another living creature just for sake of killing? Would you like your children being in the same class room or playground with their children, who were groomed to enjoy watching these killings, watching the ocean turns red from blood, watching gutted dolphins, watching fetuses torn from bellies of their mothers? There can't be any doubts - you and nobody else would want it. The silence is the main destructive force in the history of mankind. If we are silent, such horrible things will go on and on.

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Please watch Documentary 'The Dark History of Killer Whale Captures': A chronological documentary ranging from the 60s to present briefly describes kidnapping of orcas from their natural habitat. A more detailed is the information about capturing of orcas in Russia, the only country where it’s currently practiced.

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