Assassins Creed Valhalla - Tattoo Customization, Hidden Blade Combat & More!

Assassins Creed Valhalla gameplay details have just been shared & it seems like we will have a ton of customization options available in AC Valhalla gameplay. Now in this video, we go through one of the Vendors in the game who sells different types of cosmetic items which includes Tattoo's that Eivor will be able to buy a blueprint of and take it to your artist in a settlement in assassins creed valhalla. There are many more purchasable items like crafting items, weapons & more. We also take a look at a small gameplay clip of Valhalla where you see a YouTuber who uses the hidden blade as a primary weapon to fight enemies, which we have never seen before in any other assassins creed games & To perform the hidden blade combat, You will need to unequip any dual wield weapon on the left hand. We also go through another very interesting feature on the dual-wielding shield and you have different finisher moves which can be unlocked in assassins creed valhalla gameplay, And also there is a rumor stating that we might be getting a Battlepass in the game post-launch as well.

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