Amadeus Electric Quartet - She's The One

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Amadeus, all female quartet :
Andreea Runceanu - violin ;
Bianca Gavrilescu - violin ;
Patricia Cimpoiasu - cello ;
Naomi Anelis - piano.

Credits She's The One :
Video : George Mihailescu -
Instrumental arrangement : Xenti Runceanu
Composers : Karl Wallinger of World Party
Mix & mastering : Cătălin Gușă
Outfits : Lia Aram
Accessories : Preciosa
Hairstyle : Fason Salon by Cristina Grama
Make up : Mirela Dragan
Styling : Patricia Cello
Ballet dancer : Cosmina Dinu
Production / Photography : Robert Marooni

We thank all of you, dear friends who support us in making that video : Marooni / / / / / / Marius Beju Booking manager - /

Our source of inspiration for that video was and we want to thank you for that, Criss & Loredana. "Emotion on the paper, magic at destination." You are angels, girls! :*

Ballet is the refined art of all.. We recommend Casa de Balet, they are the best in teaching this beautiful art!

Preciosa is our favourite jewellery brand, and we wear this amazing accessories day by day.. Proud to be your ambassadors in Romania!

The Fason Salon by Cristina Grama team did our hairstyle and we are grateful and happy for our friendship.

For international booking enquiry :

[email protected]

Contact trupa si cvartet Amadeus pentru concerte publice, evenimente private, corporate sau nunti : [email protected] / 0773302673

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