Rescue Puppies Who Lost Their Mom in an Abandoned Factory - Dog Rescue Action

Three puppies were left to die in an abandoned factory. Their mother, a stray dog, was caught by thieves. Neighbor witnessed this atrocity called Northeast Animal Rescue. She told us the mom gave birth not long before, but the mom hid her babies in a very secluded place in the abandoned factory, no one knew the specific situation. It took a long time to search in the factory. Fortunately, we found the hungry and thirsty babies in time.

Although theft and trafficking of stray animals is a crime of theft, this kind of thing often happens. As a result, a large number of puppies have lost their protection and are at risk. In addition, due to the extremely low rate of sterilization, the puppies are out of control, and unscrupulous people often discard puppies. Therefore, the rescue of puppies has become the main rescue work we face.

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