Cheeky squirrel takes peanut break to nibble on camera

Black squirrels are the boss at the back yard bird feeders. They are often cursed by bird enthusiasts and nature lovers because they eat more than their share of the food put out for our little winged friends. The cheeky little beasts will also sit boldly while they eat their stolen food, preventing the birds from even coming to the feeder.<br><br>We watch from our windows and shake our fists at them, muttering our disapproval. Sometimes we shout at them to scare them away. Some people even buy squirrel proof bird feeders or attach all manner of devices to their feeders to outrage the bandits. When your feeder is a platform in a tree, there is no way to keep the squirrels from robbing you blind and they definitely dominate the scene. Sometimes it's best to just embrace the fact that you need to put out enough food for everybody to get their share. The squirrels are often entertaining and they are undeniably cute, even if they are gluttons.<br><br>This little squirrel was curious enough about the camera that he decided to take a break from munching on peanuts to look at the camera and even have a nibble at the mount that held it to the tree at the feeder. Then he picked up one last peanut to go and stared right into the lens. The result was an extreme close up of his teeth and nose that create a comical effect.<br><br>Who knew that squirrel teeth were so sharp looking? The fact is that squirrels, like most rodents have teeth that grow continuously and they need to constantly chew things to wear them down at the proper rate.<br><br>This squirrel has been known to sit brazenly and stare at crows who come to the feeder. The crows are actually the reason the feeder is being filled with peanuts daily and one of them, a rehabbed rescue from seven years ago was recorded actually saying the word "hello" to the squirrel. (Wild crow actually speaks to squirrel at bird feeder).

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