Summer of Swimsuits Try-On Haul July 2018 • Fashion N' Shits

It's time for my second Summer of Swimsuits Try-On Haul! This month we got 3 new swimsuits, as well as 2 returning champions from June. Vote for your favorite swimsuit by clicking the card in the top-right corner! The winner on July 18 @ 12PM PST will be featured in the upcoming Plus Photoset on my Patreon.

And since y'all are gonna go posting this shit anyways, here are the timestamps for all my little try-on clips. Your likes are mine, bitchez.

Swimsuit 1 - Retro @1:53
Swimsuit 2 - Celestial @2:43
Swimsuit 3 - Stars @5:00
Swimsuit 4 - Overalls @7:23
Swimsuit 5 - Watermelon @9:33


SHOUTOUT to my main Doers of Stuff,
• PIP, dude's got a beard that would make Odin weep!!
• BRIAN, who I think is a spy, but he swears he's not!
• CHRISTOPHER, even though he's ignoring me but I'll make him talk!
• MICHAEL, an IRL Hylian as far as I can tell!
•IGNACIO who is one cool cat.

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Lety Does Stuff was started by Lety (duh), who has dreamt of making her own videos since fooorrrever! For the longest time though, she was just too busy doing stuff to squeeze that in. But now she does all the stuff! Including making videos! And... I dunno? Good on her, I guess.


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