Squirting 101 - How to (Make Her) Squirt

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Today I’d like to introduce you to a hands-on technique that can help you unleashing deeper orgasms than your partner might experience so far. The majority of women orgasms from clitoral stimulation only - let’s try to go deeper today!

What I’m about to show you is a technique that was the kickstart for my orgasmic evolution. When Philipp and I tried it out for the first time around nine years ago, we were both rather… surprised.

It’s about the mysterious art of female ejaculation, also known as squirting. And actually, most women can do it, and no, it’s not pee. Watch the video to learn more (including a detailed how-to).


Hi, this is Mariah Freya from beducated.

If you want to make your female lover explode with pleasure, you should pay attention.

I will teach you exactly how to make your partner squirt.

It is an amazing experience for the receiver as well as for the giver.

So, let's first smash the number one concern.

Squirting is not pee, no it's not.

In the beginning, it feels like the G-spot owner needs to pee, but the liquid contains sugar, electrolytes and water.

Not disgusting when you break it down, right?

So, should be on the safe side, the urine owner can empty their bladder beforehand.

But again, even if they would pee, it would not be the end of the world.

Pee is sterile and more clean than most of us actually think.

So, support your partner to be okay with this.

This thought leads to the first point about how to awaken this earth shattering ecstasy.

The surrounding and the preparation.

So, the number one thing you have to keep in mind is that your partner should be supported and relaxing.

You achieve this by the following tips.

So, first of all, I recommend to dim the lights in your room, not because you want to avoid the sexual encounter, simply to make it a little bit more romantic.

Then heat the place up or let them wear their sexy socks to make sure they really are warm and not cold feeted.

Then you can have some lube or organic coconut oil ready.

I also recommend to get some towels or even a waterproof baby sheet to support the G-spot owner, really in this process so they don't think, "Oh, I'm gonna, you know, make everything wet and it's gonna be so, a mess." So this will really prevent this and support them mentally.

Then, of course, light some candles, play a relaxing song in the background.

Simply make sure you are alone and in the comfort of your home.

This is quite essential.

Know that pressure destroys everything.

But you have to tell them in advance what you're about to do together, Otherwise, they might not quite be ready to push themselves into a squirt.

I mean, there is like a balance because they might think, "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna pee and that's forbidden.

I'm not gonna do it." But if they know that this is meant to be and this is meant to feel like this, they might, you know, relax more into this.

So, you have to tackle this concern and telling them this sensation will arise, but that it's not gonna be pee.

And the best thing is you will tell them that you find it beautiful and sexy when they squirt.

So, first of all, you have set up the room, your fingernails are trimmed and your hands are clean, you smell good and are ready to worship your lover and give them amazing pleasures.


Let's then move to the next step.

To increase the relaxation, you can, for example, massage them first.

Bodies tend to store tension.

So releasing the tension and unlocking the gates for full body orgasms is crucial here.

How to massage them would, of course, exceed the length of this video.

But in my Unimassage Course, for instance, I explain in detail the arousing and relaxing and healing massage techniques.

It is like giving oral pleasure or fingering.

If you enjoy it, they will too.

So take enough time.

Massage your lover at least 20 minutes.

Slowly, step by step, after the massage, you can tease your way down to the vulva.

And remember that many individuals orgasm not because the technique is perfect, but because their mind got seduced.

So, tease and tease and tease.

Your lover has to yearn for more.

They really have to want it.

So, I recommend, for example, that you're eating a pussy without entering them with your fingers.

So just kiss and lick and make them want more.

So after approximately 15 to 20 minutes, they could be ready.

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