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The Sayhuite Monolith really is a hidden gem of ancient Peru and it looks more and more incredible the closer you get to it, with an impressive level of detail. The artist, or artists, certainly put a huge amount of effort into creating this and spared no expense to include the finest details.

There are more than 200 designs or individual features on the monolith, with reptiles, felines, frogs and shellfish, as well as steps, terraces, ponds, tunnels, rivers and irrigation canals. It looks like a 3-dimensional stone map of some lost, mysterious place, but what that place is, nobody can know for sure.

It is called the Sayhuite Monolith, located in Sayhuite, which is a pre-Columbian site in the southern-central Peruvian region of Apurimac.

Archaeologists date the relic to the 15th or 16th centuries AD, making it an Inca construction, but I, and many others, have doubts about this relatively recent age. I think it is clear evidence of a Pre-Inca civilisation, possibly the same civilisation responsible for the enigmatic stonework we see across Peru.

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