Top 5 Turboprop Airplanes In The World

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Let’s checkout some turboprop airplanes. Turboprops are turbine engine aircrafts, same engines as you would find in Jets, except turboprop planes have propellers on the outside of the engine. Where as a typical Jet will have a fan in the engine bay. The airplane showcased today are comparable to some light jets in their performance and prices. In this video we checkout the top 5 turboprop airplanes in the industry today. These are all certified single engine turboprops and they have all made a name for themselves in general aviation for the last several years.

Here are the Top 5 Turboprop Airplanes listed

1). Piper M600 - If you know anything about aviation in America, you should already be familiar with brand Piper. They are one of the oldest airplane manufactures in the United States, and one of their most prominent line of airplane is the M series also known as the Meridian. This is a 6 place personal and business single engine aircraft that is capable of jet like speeds north of 300 miles per hour. The going price for the M600 is $2.8 million.

USEFUL LOAD: 2,400 pounds
RANGE: 1,706 miles
SPEED: 315 miles per hour
PRICE: $2.8 million

2). Cessna Caravan 208 - The name Cessna should also ring a bell anytime you think of American civil aviation. The Cessna Caravan was first introduced in 1982. And this aircraft has been a champ in it’s line of work. Cessna are like the Toyotas of the skies because they are built rugged and the are very reliable. The Cessna caravan was built for those off-field or remote grass-field missions. It’s used in commercial airline services, mail delivery services, you name it. The price for the Cessna Caravan 208 is $2.8 million New.

USEFUL LOAD: 3,305 pounds
RANGE: 1,230 miles
SPEED: 214 miles per hour
PRICE: $2.8 million

3). Quest Kodiak - A fairly new entrant in this category of aircraft. The Kodiak was created to compete directly with the Cessna Caravan, and that it does well. Kodak are used for similar missions and flight services as the Caravan. But where the Kodiak stands on its own is it’s take off performance. This airplane only needs about 934 feet of runway before it gets off the ground. This is while hauling tons of weight. Price for a Quest Kodiak is $2.5 million

USEFUL LOAD: 3,535 pounds
RANGE: 1,301 miles
SPEED: 210 miles per hour
PRICE: $2.5 million

4). Socata TBM 930 - Here is another model airplane that’s been around for a long time. This aircraft is manufactured by Daher, a French company and they are probably the closest competitor to the Piper M series. You carry six people in modern comfort and travel over a thousand miles. The TBM 930 is also one of the fastest single engine turboprops out there, with speeds up to 380 miles per hour. It’s also one of the most expensive aircrafts period. Base price for a well equipped TBM 930 is $4.1 million

USEFUL LOAD: 2,847 pounds
RANGE: 1,989 miles
SPEED: 334 miles per hour
PRICE: $4.1 million

5). Pilates PC-12 NG - Here goes your champion for turboprop aircrafts. The Pilatus PC-12 NG is the the number one selling turboprop business aircraft in the world. This airplane is capable of just about any mission you throw at it. Don’t have a paved runway, PC-12 got it. What about a short runway, that too. Wait you also want to carry 10 people with some luggage? the PC-12 handles that just fine too. By far one of the most capable aircraft ever built. The Pilatus PC-12 also has some of the most luxurious cabin space you’ll find. It’s interior was designed by BMW. That said, all of these bag of goodness will not come cheap. A new Pilatus PC-12 runs close to $5 million.

USEFUL LOAD: 3,670 pounds
RANGE: 2,121 miles
SPEED: 328 miles per hour
PRICE: $5 million


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