The Ultimate S3RL Tribute Mix -BEST S3RL MIX 2020-「KSWX」

This was originally made as some sort of memey jab at those videos called "BEST *insert artist name here* MIX" which isn't even mixed to begin with and then it gets around 200 comments on how good the mix is, but it turned into some kind of passion project lmao.

After years of studying and closely examining said videos and the individuals that created them, I came to the following conclusion on how to make such a video:
- Have 'BEST' in the title at least once
- Use artwork by LAM or any other artist that uses flashy colours
- Add a shaky effect for the picture (I didn't do that because I couldn't be arsed tbh)
- Give the viewers a 'Like-Goal' to reach for the tracklist, so at 100 likes you can have it

What probably separates me from the others:
- I'm an actual DJ that knows how to mix, therefore I mixed it
- I bought all the songs (if they weren't a free release) and it cost me more than I want to admit.
- This was mixed without prior tracklisting or anything, I did the whole thing in one go.

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#s3rl #happyhardcore #anime #rave #djs3rl

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