Game Awards 2016 : Judgment day

It's this time again.
Full event:
----- Timestamp -----
00:15 Hideo Kojima
01:43 Best performance
02:54 Hydrobot
03:48 Geoff smile
04:31 Best action game
04:55 Dauntless
05:15 Mass Effect Andromeda
05:42 VR red room
06:25 26 million losers
06:41 Pokemon GO
07:33 That dragon cancer
07:53 Cliff bleszinski
08:21 Best art direction
09:06 Geoff and Kojima
09:41 Best butts
09:56 Why are you yelling
10:26 Trending gamer
11:35 Who are you talking to
12:36 Gearbox and indies
13:47 Best action game
14:36 Zelda Breath of the wild with Conan
15:47 Game of the year

----- Sources -----
Kojima with graphic card
Clueless Gamer
Breaking Bad "I am the danger"
Angry Joe Interviews Geoff Keighley 2010
Angry Joe rant youtube
MGSV Kojima model
Oculus rift anime twerking
Assassins Creed 2 Love Scene
Die hard rooftop scene
Overwatch alive animated
Pokemon go player robbed
No Man's Sky Interview
Randy Pitchford PAX West 2016
Did you rike it

----- Songs -----
Sins of The Father
Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday

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