Sekiro: Shadows Dance Twice (Parody Animation)

Is here, ladies and gents, enjoy xoxo

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Oi massive thank you to everyone who has sent me a private message, left a nice comment, or liked any of the posts I've made. Don't know if I could've been bothered to finish this if not for you guys. This has been a project I've been working on since the start of the year, and I've been chipping away at it in my down time from work and uni, and your support has been all I need to finish this up.

This is the first animation I've ever made, and it's funny to see how much I've improved in certain aspects in this short video alone. You can literally tell which shots I did first and which were the final ones. But for my first animation, I'm extremely proud and extremely grateful for you subscribers. Although 181 isn't a "big" number on the internet, it's a MASSIVE number to me, so cheers for that.

I'm planning on doing more smaller videos of just random shit I want to make, including reviews and just standard YouTube stuff, but I am already starting on my next animation, which will hopefully be Shezman-levels of quality. Original music, longer runtime, just better in general. I've dropped a little riddle in this video for you to find out what it'll be.

Just really grateful I have an audience to share this with. Although you're all strangers to me, I appreciate you all.

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