Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee’s Side Kick…BIG Mistake!

In the early 1970s, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong from the United States. He was surprised that he had become famous in Hong Kong due to the reruns of The Green Hornet series on Television. He was also invited to a popular show Enjoy Yourself Tonight where he showed his one inch punch. During that time, Bruce Lee met Sammo Hung on a set. A stuntman who was working with Sammo Hung at that time came over and doubt Bruce Lee’s ability. He asked Bruce Lee, “Are you really that powerful as what people describe? I don’t think so. Show me! Show me the power” This stuntman doesn’t believe Bruce Lee was as strong as the rumors said. Bruce Lee then asked him “Do you want to try?” This stuntman said yes and he asked Bruce Lee to kick him.

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