Forced! Indomitable Will & Strong Heart Combo-rain sound

Forced! Indomitable Will & Strong Heart Combo-rain sound

Indomitable Will-Iron Will-Indomitable Spirit

Strong Heart-Strength of Heart

Indomitable Will-The ability to possess unusually strong willpower
(The user has unnaturally strong willpower, enabling them to be immune to all forms of temptation including Subordination Manipulation, Telepathy, Mind Control and Subliminal Seduction. Through their will the user can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender no matter how much the odds are stacked against them, possibly up to the point of cheating death and pushing themselves past their own limitations.)

Strong Heart-The ability to possess an unnaturally strong heart.
(Users possess a very potent heart both spiritually and physically letting them survive most heart diseases. The user's heart also possesses a grand form of power, allowing them to survive most forms of corruption or whatever seeks to harm it.)

Custom request(after donation only)
Public requests-that i can add in my channel:
With your written affirmations-10$-20$
If i need to write all by myself-20$-50$
Private requests-only for you and i cant add in my channel:
With your written affirmations-20$-40$ or more-if the sub i need to make from zero
If i need to write all by myself-30$-50$ or more-if the sub i need to make from zero
subliminals on persons name:
(Any sub from my subs i can make on your name-grands for faster results for u)
1 sub-5$
5 subs-20$
10 subs-30$
15 subs-40$
20 subs-50$
all subs i make on the name-it's takes about 1-2 hour to make and edit -i will send u mp3 file on e-post

subliminal combos-if u want combo-add all links from subs u want-i will make combo:
5 sub combo-10$(on the person's name-15$)
10 sub combo-20$(on the person's name-30$)

I don't want be rude-just it's takes lot of time to make subliminals
Sometimes to finish requests i sitting all day and sometimes till 3 o'clock in night...
and i will not make custom subs before u donate
if you want original mp3 download-1$(or more if you like:))
or if you like subs special for you-donate
and add your full name and epost

[email protected]

for multiple voices sub-you can listen-2 or 3 X-take brake when you feel you need -drink water
if u want share results with photos-or talk about subs u use
my fb page-Purva Nimfa Subliminal Magic

If You like my channel and you want to support-you can donate

Have subliminal requests?!

Eny Results?!

My Friend-Mars Frostitute have FB page
he can tell with powers you are related
can remove chakras and Kundalini-for free
wisit page and contact him:)Sovereign.Synergy

all subliminals includes:
ask permission to all body systems to make changes
all Blockages removal
become-sovereign and free
realise my Inner Power
connect with Divine Love, Divine Self, Divine Power, Divine Health and Divine Beauty
to be free from energy drains now and forever.
release all energetic and psychic attachments .
release all mind and body attachments
release all energetic and psychic blockages
release all mind and body blockages
to be love, luck, abundance and money magnet
to have extremely strong Solid Maneuverability in all levels
build protection field
affirmations transferred into:
genetic code
affirmations are permanent

My subs-are religion free
no spells,no bad no magic-just my divine energy..
superpower listed powers are in wikia-most from comics and movies..there is nothing Satanic-it's fantasy world
Like i Have Lucifer sub
It’s from movie’s not real Demon
and superpowers exist
There is people who say-even 10 years can take superpower manifestation
Some say-you can’t manifest superpowers…

I say can and can be manifesting 3-6 month
6 month-1 year or even 3 years.

I am making subs with numbers now-i do my best to make working subs
And please-don’t leave here your bad and rude comments-i have link for that:

You don't need headphones to listen my subs
you can listen with headphones-if u like-it's work with one headphone to:)

how much time i need to make request-subliminals:
if requester have affirmations and i need to remake in i,you,why statement-about 1-2 hours
if i making sub from Wikipedia-health and need to work with all organs e.t.c-around 5 hours
if i make subliminal-from wiki-superpowers-can sometimes take full day or even two
if i need to make already existing sub on persons name-1-2 hours
if i make combo-from 5 subs-1-2 hours
include upload time :)

With Love!:)

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