5 Scary Ghost Sightings Caught On Camera By YouTubers!

5 Scary Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape By YouTubers!


YouTube has enabled people with things to say to broadcast their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to the world in exchange for ad revenue to support them in this endeavor. But when your career is being on camera, and the camera’s always on you, it’s bound to catch something scary. These are 5 scary ghost sightings caught on camera by YouTubers! Let’s begin!

5.) Faze Rug Haunted House

Faze Rug is a YouTube celebrity and gamer who’s famous because of his gaming and prank videos. Rug is one member of the Faze gaming clan. On March 18th, 2016, Rug uploaded a video of his alleged haunting. According to Rug it began after he played a game of Charlie Charlie, a children’s supernatural fortune telling game played with two pencils and a piece of paper. Rug said, “Charlie, Charlie, are you here?” to which the game answered yes. Rug had invited the devil into his life. The compilation shows a number of spooky events, including the Charlie, Charlie game itself, strange noises, lights turning themselves off, EVPs, and cameras turning off just like the terrifying game Five Nights at Freddy’s.

4.) Marissa Rachel Ghost Baby

Marissa Rachel is a YouTube vlogger and prankster. Rachel posts things that girls like, such as life hack videos, pranks, fun facts, and ways to stop their period. In August of 2016, Rachel uploaded a blooper in which one of her normal videos was interrupted by a scary presence beneath her bed. Before showing the scary encounter with the unknown, Rachel provides viewers with the context of the video, and a brief five minute summary of it. It’s during this summary that the first strange thing happens, apparently unscripted; the camera flickers and a strange spiritual presence can be seen. Rachel then shows the video itself, where after leaving frame to grab something during an outtake, the camera pans below to show the hand of a baby sticking out from beneath her bed, before it quickly retreats beneath the bed.

3.) Meghan Currie’s Ghost Experience

Meghan Currie is a vlogger and kind of a broke ho who experienced a terrifying encounter with unknown while filming a YouTube video with two of her friends. Currie gives us the context of the video, explaining that it may have been a breakin, or a haunting. While filming the video, she was repeatedly interrupted by a loud, aggressive knocking at her front door. Currie, who thought it may have been her friend, called her only to be interrupted by a banging sound from inside the house. Believing that it may have been a burglar, Currie and her friend called the police. When the police came by, they investigated and found nothing. When she returned to filming the video, she was again interrupted, this time by a sliding door behind her. While getting bacon bits for her dog, Currie discovered that her bedroom door was locked from the inside, and after retrieving the key she and her friend discovered that the room had been trashed. What happened that night remains unknown.

2.) Guava Juice

Guava Juice is a YouTube celebrity and goofster who likes playing pranks on people. In this video Guava explains that he’d just woken up from a nap and heard something outside his house when he’s interrupted by a noise coming from inside the house. Guava Juice goes to investigate the noise, explaining that something tragic and mysterious that had happened in the house. While checking the attic he gets too fricken scared and leaves the camera on the counter while he takes a walk outside to presumably calm down or something, shutting the door behind him.

1.) FaZe Adapt

FaZe is a clan of pranksters and gamers who make videos on YouTube. Adapt AKA Alex is one of their famous members who likes pranking people, and looking for ghosts in abandoned buildingsm and never shall the two twain meet. In one series of ghost hunting videos while investigating an abandoned insane asylum, Adapt may have captured the best available evidence of life after death. In one part of the video, Adapt discusses using a specific space for a prank video. As he does, the camera quickly pans over a mirror or some other reflective surface in the background, where the ghastly image of a scary, smiling face can be seen.

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