Van Life Tour | Van Conversion On A BUDGET

Please help us name our van. Comment below with your NAME SUGGESTIONS - can't wait to read them all :)

The interest in Van Life continues to grow all over the world. Have you thought how much money you would need to switch to this lifestyle? Your budget might be less than you think.

In this Van life tour video we show you our van conversion which we did with a few thousand dollars plus we share some of our van life tips. Our van is simple and very budget compared to what you can spend doing a campervan up, but we absolutely love it.

Our budget van life project was a heap of fun with us learning a lot along the way. We have very very little experience building anything but with the right tools and a little help from friends and family, you will be surprised with what you can accomplish - plus the feeling you get when you finish a van life build yourself is priceless.

Hope you enjoy :)

Follow along on our adventures we would love to have you with us :) Click the link below -


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We are a vegan family of three from Australia. In 2016 we sold all of our things and moved into a ford transit van. We are passionate about adventure, compassionate living and health. You will either find us traveling up and down the Australia coast in our van or sniffing out vegan treats in places around the world. We absolutely LOVE making YouTube videos so make sure to Subscribe and join us on this beautiful journey!

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