Hi guys and welcome to this Beijing-Hong Kong review aboard Dragonair (soon to be Cathay Dragon) in Business Class. Last december I visited Beijing for a couple of days and used Cathay and Dragonair to get there. The first leg of this trip is already online, check it here:

I did not record the HKG-PEK route and the HKG-DUS. This is the first leg of my return trip to Dusseldorf. Dragonair is part of Cathay Pacific and will soon be rebranded Cathay Dragon. I thourougly enjoyed that short domestic business flight, the seat was pretty good and the crew did a fantastic job. I had plenty to eat and it tasted delicious. Would go on Cathay/Dragonair anytime again! They have a great product.

In this video for the first time I tried something new, you can see an all new amandeuce intro with timelapse, music, hyperlapse and cut scenes. I did not consider this when I was filming the trip but I tried to make the best out of the footage I had. I will focus on recording special scenes on my next travels to make it look better. Some have already commented about the Casey Neistat style, I've been watching his vlogs since a couple of weeks and I love that guy, he does great videos.

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask and drop a comment below! Thank you very much for watching and all the support!

1st Song by: Andrew Applepie

Much love,

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