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Full HD version " A mobile phone or perhaps a piece of ancient art on Mars with a row of buttons on the right side and what resembles a dark rectangular screen. Is this a techno fossil?
In this Curiosity Rover image from Gale Crater this object looks like a cellphone with a depiction of a chimp or ape face on it's rectangular screen shaped part. Could it be? It is more likely an optical illusion but the possible screen looks cracked.
Rocks just don't have these features. So if it is not a phone then what else is it?
Size is around 5 inches approximately.
Was it part of a mosaic art piece that was broken thousands of years ago or is it more recent? It raises yet more questions about the nature of Mars.
It is near dozens of statue artefacts and interesting fossils that were once probably buried in the shifting sands in this deep Martian crater. See my channel for more on those fascinating finds.

Hysteria free analysis from ArtAlienTV. One of the most plagiarized channels on YouTube.

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The mobile anomaly was first spotted by fellow researcher IIya Lorinx and published on ArtAlienTV - Mars Magazine Facebook group on May 9th 2018.
Original video was published on YouTube May 10th 2018.
Here -


Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

✔ NASA image link:

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