Plants vs Zombies 2 ELECTRIC PEASHOOTER (10) vs CACTUS (10) PVZ 2 Primal

Plants vs Zombies 2 ELECTRIC PEASHOOTER (10) vs CACTUS (10)

Electric Peashooter for level 10 we need 6935 seads to upgrade is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He fires pea-like orbs that penetrate every zombie in his lane and deal electrical chain damage similar to Lightning Reed.
Like most other peashooting plants, the Electric Peashooter is based on the plant Pisum sativum. The term peashooter is normally used to refer to a toy version of a blowgun, or as a slang for small or low-caliber firearms. The name also refers to the fact that peashooter shoots peas. His ability is also partially based on Lightning Reed.

is a combative, projectile-based plant that was first introduced in Plants vs. Zombies. In Plants vs. Zombies, she is essentially a Peashooter that shoots spikes instead of peas, with the distinction of being able to stretch upwards vertically to pop Balloon Zombies' balloons, as well as the spikes being unaffected by Torchwood. The damage she deals is the same amount as a Peashooter.

On the other hand, in Plants vs. Zombies 2, where she is a premium plant which is advertised alongside Neon Mixtape Tour Side A, she shoots a spike that goes through two or three zombies, and also hides when zombies are close to her while dealing ground damage to zombies that walk over her in this form, similarly to Spikeweed. Each spike deals 1.5 normal damage shots to each zombie it hits, piercing up to three zombies, and the ground damage deals the same damage as the Spikeweed's. Jester Zombies can deflect shots from the Cactus, but still be damaged by her ground attack.
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