Woman's Baby Bump Was So Huge Doctors Thought It Was Twins, But They Were Very Wrong

The Odom Quads Zoey Lyla Maya Arya:

Danielle Thrasher and her partner, Joseph Odom, had been together for quite a while.
So, they thought it was time to take their relationship to the next level.
The couple had been saving up for their wedding but didn’t quite get there when they decided that they should start trying to have a baby.
Danielle knew she was meant to be a mother and she didn’t want to wait too much longer.

She had been going to school full-time while working a job in childcare.
Danielle was following her dreams in every other aspect of her life, so why not fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother?
Her boyfriend, Joseph, agreed that they were ready to have a child and hoped the baby would complete their happy little family.
However, the couple did not expect for the process to be so difficult.
Danielle and Joseph tried for almost two years but couldn’t get pregnant.
Danielle was afraid that maybe she had been wrong and she was not meant to be a mother after all.
But Joseph wouldn’t let her give up.



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