the TRUE identity of DARK SOULS revealed??

Been working on this video for 2 years digging for info and I finally got everything I need: here is PROOF that Dark Souls himself is Sans from Undertale. It all started when I visited the pope and gave him a copy of Undertale. He phoned me up after he beat it and gave some behind the scenes info of Earthbound, and the idiot tried to convince me that Sans was NESS (what an idiot lmao). So then I noticed that Sans was in fact a skeleton. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of skeletons? That's right, Humans. And what about Humans? Dark Souls. I was getting close but I needed one more piece of evidence to solidify my theory.
Then it hit me. How did no one else see? What do Dark Souls and Undertale share? They're video games. But hey, that's just a theory.

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Video at the beginning: