Putting my beloved pet cat, Rocky, down. My cats last moments. RIP Rocky, I will always Love you.

I post this video in memory of my best friend "Rocky". Rocky is a 7-year-old male Cheetoh. Dear Rocky, I will always love you and hope to meet you in heaven. You will always be a family member. You loved us all unconditionally, your love comforted me during difficult times, you hold a special place in our hearts, and I am so sorry for anything I have ever done. Your spirit lives on forever. I thank God for having you in our lives and thank you for loving us all unconditionally. RIP Rocky.
This video is all about Rocky. I wanted to share it with as many pet owners as possible. The goal is to help pet owners avoid making the mistakes I made with Rocky.
1st Take your pet/s to the vet as soon as you notice anything unusual with their behavior. and 2nd make sure you seek a 2nd and 3rd opinions before rushing to put your pet/s down. I have to live with my mistakes and hope no one has to.
Please share my short story with as many pet owners.
At 8:50am Rocky was humanely euthanized and this video shows his last moments before the drugs took effect. Rocky passed peacefully with me on his side comforting him.
Thanks and God Bless

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