Violet Voss “Like a Boss” palette. Makeup look and swatches

Hello my dear darlings. In this video I will be showing you the Violet Voss "Like a Boss" eyeshadow palette. I'll swatch all the shades and I'll do my makeup :) Please note that I'm not a makeup artist and this is not a tutorial, I'm just showing you how I do my makeup. There is also some tapping in the beginning, so for those of you that don't like tapping, just take a look at the timestamps bellow and skip to your fav part. I whisper throughout the entire video. Thank you for watching. XoXo
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Tapping: 1:16
Swatches: 05:08 - 10:31
Makeup look: 10:35 - 27:49
Final thoughts: 27:51

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Equipment I use:
Zoom Recorder:
Used in this video:
Senheisser :
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Blue Yeti :
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Soft box light:
Ring Light:

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