How To Make a Wish Come True with a Powerful Manifestation Technique

How to Make your Wish Come true with a very Powerful Manifestation Technqiue called "Glass of Water"
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You probably have heard that our thoughts are material, everything is energy and that you should be careful what you wish for. There is nothing wrong or scary about wishing for things to happen in your life, you just need to know the algorithm and physics behind manifestation process in order to make your wish come true. There are many different manifestation, affirmation and law of attraction techniques out there. For some they work like a charm and create miracles however there are those who just can’t seem to manifest what they wish for. So how can you make sure your wishes come true?

Throughout the years of studying higher levels of consciousness through spiritual science Infosomatics, as well as conducting my own research in other consciousness related practices, I have learned and tested many different creative visualization and manifestation techniques. One of the keys in manifesting your wishes is being true to yourself and knowing the reality or physics behind the manifestation of a wish process.

While gathering materials for “How to Make a Wish Come True with Advanced Manifestation Techniques” webinar: , I have collected many powerful manifestation techniques (all of them will be described in detail during the webinar together with the algorithm of manifesting wishes that is based on the mystical “Temple of Fulfilling Wishes” in Myanmar, see exclusive expedition of spiritual self-discovery to Myanmar). There is one very intriguing manifestation of wishes technique that I would like to share with you. I have tried it myself with good results and asked several of my friends to test it on the wishes they want to come true. I would appreciate your sharing the results as well as your own insights from practicing the following advanced manifestation technique.

The following manifestation technique is called “Glass of Water”. It is based on the fact that water is a powerful energy-informational conductor and even has healing properties. Similar manifestation of your wishes techniques can be found in “Silva Method”, “Transurfing” and even ancient rituals. It can really open up your inner manifesting abilities, help you resolve various problems and give you an energy boost in achieving something that you wish to come true in your life.

In simple terms this technique adds a lot of power to your affirmations and helps to program your body towards manifesting your wishes. To start with the technique you will need a clean sheet of paper or a post-it note and a glass of water (preferably good quality water). Please write down your wish that you want to come true in a form of an affirmation. For example if you want to attract a partner in your life then you should write something like: “I am in the right place at the right time to meet my perfect partner. I am ready to give love and receive love. I am ready to share my life with the partner who will help me realize my full potential and I will be the catalyst for his/her self-realization as well. My life is filled with passion and romance.” You don’t have to use the same words in the affirmation. There are many affirmation lists on different topics online. You can just pick the field you want your wishes to come true and use the affirmation that resonates with you the most or even write one yourself.
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How to Make a Wish Come True

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