Check out a collection of various fails that could happen to you literally everywhere. Let’s start with cooking fails! Real kitchen disasters happen rarely but cause a lot of troubles! Have you ever spent hours cleaning your kitchen after using the mixer without splash guard? Usually, it ends up with splashed cake batter around your kitchen, your hair, and t-shirt. Do not shake a bottle of soda before opening to avoid getting splashed. One fail is when baby spinach significantly reduces its size on its own when cooking. Is it a joke? Another problem is when you want to enjoy pizza and try to bite it but the topping slides out of it.
Check out a compilation of funny food moment and recognize yourself! Sometimes you are not ready to share your favorite cake with anyone. We have a perfect trick - cut a small piece for your friend and eat the rest by yourself. If you want to borrow a chocolate bar from your friend, leave the note “Sorry! Hunger made me do it!’’. This will be a funny way to excuse but don’t forget to return the chocolate bar next time. Have you ever noticed that when you are hungry and want to warm up your lunch in the microwave it takes too much time? In fact, it’s only 1 minute, but when you are hungry it’s too long.
As a bonus, you will find a collection of awkward moments every girl can relate to. Have you ever used a car window as a mirror in the street? What an embarrassing moment when a window suddenly opens. It’s a real fail to find anything in your bag and there is always one bobby pin that you forgot in your hair. Ugh!

00:09 Kitchen fails
03:15 Funny food moments
04:56 Sharing is caring?
07:32 Makeup fail

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