19 UNEXPLAINED Mysteries In The World

Science has given us explanation for a lot of things. But once in a while, there’s some things that just don’t have enough evidence for even the experts to be able to tell us what’s happening. Here’s some of the biggest unexplained mysteries that we still don’t have a conclusive answer for.

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8. The Lost City Of Giants
As recently as 2012, explores discovered the remains of an old civilization in the rainforest of Ecuador. Called the Lost City of Giants, this old city consists of an ancient pyramid complex embedded into the jungle. No one had reported seeing the structures ever before. The steep inclined walls consist of stone blocks that weigh 2 tonnes and were observed to have been sculpted by human hands. “Giants” refers to how large the tools were, found amongst the other artifacts left behind.

7. The Belmez Faces
It was the year 1971 In the Spanish village of Belmez, residents came across quite a strange sight on the floor of their house, which appeared to be a face. The concrete seemed to have faces of strange people embedded into them. Residents of the house on Calle Real 5 had the floor destroyed and remade, only for the faces to reemerge. Many people could right this off as the Belmez residents drawing the faces themselves for attention, but apparently they never took any profit for the many visitors that came to Belmez to check it out, so who knows? The faces appeared to never be the same when they disappeared and reappeared, either.

6. The Ark Of The Covenant
You would think that the two stone tablets where Moses wrote the Ten Commandments kept in a wooden chest covered in gold wouldn’t have been so easily lost. And yet no one knows where the Ark of the Covenant is. As described in the Book of Exodus, this gold chest holds one of the most important documents in the history of Abrahamic religions.

5. The Yonaguni Monument
Sometimes called the Atlantis in Japan, the Yonaguni Monument remains a mystery to historians. Discovered in 1987, a diver came across these man-made stepped monoliths while out looking for hammerhead sharks. The structure features structures made from mudstones and sandstones, with the largest portion reached a height of 90 feet or 27 meters tall, 16 feet or 5 meters below sea level. Researchers have been investigating what the significance of the monument could be, with some pointing to ancient Japanese texts referencing the structure.

4. Déjà vu
The feeling of déjà vu can leave one confused when it happens. Unlike in The Matrix where déjà vu means there could be a potentially dangerous glitch, déjà vu in real life is relatively harmless. You just feel as if you experienced this experience already, and most times you cannot pinpoint when. The phrase translates from French to mean “already seen” and it can be an eerie feeling sometimes. Scientists really have no explanation as to why it happens, though more fantastical theories say it might be a glimpse into previous lives.

3. The Stone In The Sea Of Galilee
In 2013, a reported 32 feet or 10 meter high stone circle measuring to a a diameter or 230 feet or 70 meters was found in the Sea of Galilee. Scientists discovered it ot be over 4,000 years old, said to be from about the 3rd millennium BC. It features three concentric circles, with stones stacked on top of each other like a cairn.

2. Tentacles In The Sky
In the past century, people have reported seeing “tentacles in the sky” with one of the more recent reports coming from California in 2015. The man who looked up into the California sky that day described seeing an aircraft that moved like “an aquatic creature.” Some say the shapes are merely “chemtrails” in the sky, and of course lots of people disagree. In 2009, a group of people in Lincolnshire, UK reported seeing “tentacle flying objects” in the sky before a window turbine got destroyed--leading some to believe UFOs were responsible to the turbine.


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