SUPER NOT GAY - Naruto Shippuden (PARODY)

Winning the 4th Ninja War, losing their arms and Sasuke returning back to the village; Naruto still has an obsession with him in a way that is...totally not gay! Meanwhile Itachi is revived from the dead once again to show his love for his favorite yaoi pair!
This video includes tons of gay kisses, parodying of all the characters and just a hint of salt :D We hope you enjoy this parody / spoof of some of the most iconic moments in Naruto Shippuden and Naruto The Last Movie!

Naruto / Sasuke - Us! Oliroux ~
Sakura -
Hinata -
Ino -
Itachi -
Kakashi -
Neji -

Thank you to everyone who participated in this video! We had an amazing time filming with everyone including some of our best friends! We are also super happy with how this project turned out so we hope that you all enjoy as well! :D
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Directed/Edited By: Oliver Rogue

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