Inhalable Ebola vaccine shows promise in animal tests

Originally published on 14 July, 2015

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The first needle-free vaccine against the Ebola virus has shown promise results on monkeys and researchers should begin human trials soon.

The needle-free Ebola vaccine contains parainfluenza virus type 3, a common cause of respiratory tract infections in children. It is an Ebola virus glycoprotein that stimulates an immune response against the virus, according to AFP.

During tests, the vaccine was inhaled by monkeys through nebulizer masks. Test results show that the vaccinated animals survived even when they were later injected with lethal dose of Ebola virus, AFP reported.

“A needle-free, inhalable vaccine against Ebola presents certain advantages," AFP quoted Michelle Meyer, lead author of the study and University of Texas Medical Branch postdoctoral fellow in the department of pathology as saying. “Immunization will not require trained medical personnel.”


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