Eating the HOTTEST Wings ASMR Challenge

Thank you Marno ASMR for tagging me in such a fun challenge ha!
You can check out his channel here:

I challenge... ;)

I FEEL LIKE I DID PRETTY WELL! I eat a lot of hot sauce/spicy food but I eat it FAST and I drink a lot of water, eat non-spicy food along with it etc. It was weird to just CONSUME THE HOT SAUCE and then just LET IT SIT THERE IN YOUR MOUTH -- was very fun. And the wings were delicious. Would do again. Sorry I suck at eating wings. Ben roasts me for it too.
Also go me for getting sauce on my face the first wing in and then not realizing it ... I .... I am trash

Check out Hot Ones! This video isn't sponsored or anything lolol but they make a great show and definitely deserve credit!

And thank you for submitting the questions! :DDD Did you learn anything about me?

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