LORN - New Gameplay Preview (XBOX ONE Anouncement!)

We can officially say that Lorn is coming to Xbox One!

Since the release of our demo in October, we received amazing feedback from everyone who played it and have been working hard implementing changes to take Lorn to another level of quality and terrifying fun.

This video is just to show a taste of what Lorn is starting to look like as of some of the new changes, it is still heavily a work in progress.

There is much more we would love to show off, but is not yet ready.

We are adding in weapons and combat so you can defend yourself against enemies. It will still be a debate on wether to fight or run as some enemies will be very difficult to kill due to their state of being.

There have also been many improvements made to player movement, responsiveness of player interactions with objects in the world, text and UI has been made more cohesive within the theme of the game as well as, the story is getting small changes.

All monsters have been redesigned and AI completely redone.

Oh, and let’s not forget DRAGONS! ;-)

We are so excited to be now bringing Lorn to Xbox One!
Stay tuned for many amazing things to come in the coming months!

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