[SFM/FNAF] Built in the 80s (By: Griffinilla and Toastwaffle)

Hello world!

It’s been quite a while since my last solo project hasn’t it? Well, I’m back, and with something I’m, actually, pretty proud of! (Except those FNaF2 parts). This was kind of an ambitious project for me. I wanted to do new things and dip my toes into experimenting with different techniques and styles. Some styles you might recognize from other animators ;)

I’ve been in a pretty depressive state for the past few weeks leading up to the release of this video. I’m trying to fix my social life (on and off the internet) and try to figure out how to guide my future by planning out which college I’m going to and, the thing that’s gotten me the most depressed, how to pay for my college. (It’s 52k a year). It’s gotten so bad that I just intentionally skip school days because I’m just so sad and don’t want to talk to anyone.

One thing I knew was that I HAD to finish this video. I wanted to do a solo project so I can know I have the work ethic to do my own thing, and not have to rely on collabs to fuel the channel. A bonus to this, is that I can add this video to my portfolio to try and get more scholarships.

If you want to check out some behind the scenes stuff for the project, check out my ArtStation Post on the project here:

Special Thanks to:
TheDapperPenguin - For help in scene building the drive-in theater.
EndyArts - Modeling the upper torso for the “Spider Puppet”.
The Denizens of the “Embers” Group Chat – The support you’ve all given to finish this project.
Bixlor – Somehow, actually motivating me to finish this. :P

Music by: Griffinilla and Toastwaffle (feat. Caleb Hyles and EileMonty)

Project Started: 11-18-18
Project Ended: 3-10-19

#FNaF #Fandroid #SFM

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