WHAT HAPPENED TO GOLDEN SUN? + Will Golden Sun 4 be on the Switch

Get ready for a real nostalgia trip today. In today's episode we're talking about all things Golden Sun, a bit of a retrospective on the past and the original games (Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age) as well as taking a look at Dark Dawn's reception and determining why it didn't do as well, and whether or not we can expect to see any future Golden Sun games (even on the Nintendo Switch). Though Dark Dawn overall did well to continue the series' style and gameplay, unfortunately to many fans it fell short in one area or another. Because of Dark Dawn's shortcomings and its lack of overall revenue for Camelot, any potential plans for a Golden Sun 4 may have been shelved, and judging by their full schedule of Mario sports games they have been working on consistently over the past 7 years, it seems unlikely that we will get another Golden Sun entry any time soon, even for the Nintendo Switch. What became of Felix and his offspring? How about the western half of Weyard left unexplorable in Dark Dawn? What about Alex? Hopefully someday we will be lucky enough to get these answers.

Petition for Golden Sun 4 (Operation Sunrise):

Takahashi brothers "future" of Golden Sun quote:

Golden Sun 3 prerelease speculation info:

Mercury Lighthouse footage by Kikoskia

Shining Force III footage by EagleEyeTZ

ZoominGames Wii U vs Gamecube graphics comparison:

Jupiter Lighthouse footage by newfiebangaa:

Ayuthay/The Alchemy Well/Barai Temple (Dark Dawn) by Mikey's Walkthroughs

Gameboy Advance footage by Classic Game Room:

Golden Sun unboxing by Greg's RPG HeaveN:

Dark Dawn Battle Mode footage by TheGoldenSunFan:

GoldenSun Battle Mode footage by Praisedscooter:

Dark Dawn cheat footage by TheUnwiseone1

Pokemon Battle Revolution footage by TheVORTEX794:

Sunrise by Travel Links Directory:

Tassadar4Aiur post on the future of Golden Sun and why it's unlikely:

Gamefaqs topic of players discussing the death of the series:

Thanks for watching, guys!

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