The Only Way to Get Out of a Wildfire

Picture in your mind, you’re camping with your buddies for the weekend in a nearby forest. Your tents are all set-up, you ate your dinner, and you went to sleep. Suddenly, the smell of smoke wakes you up. You go outside to see what’s going on, and there it is: you’re in the middle of a wildfire.

This scenario might seem unreal for most people, but it’s more common than you’d expect. Wildfires are very fast; they can overtake the average person in just a few minutes. Their flames travel approximately 14 miles per hour, and they burn everything in their path if they find enough fuel to feed on. Knowing what’s going on and how to act in these situations is a true life-saver.

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Why wildfires come about 1:10
The fire triangle 1:42
How to create a defensible space around your house 2:38
How to monitor your area 3:29
What if you have to evacuate 4:00
What to do when you’re trapped 6:39

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- Naturally occurring wildfires usually come about during droughts or in dry weather. That’s when green vegetation becomes “bone-dry”, to the point that it acts as a fuel for the fire.
- Whether they occur naturally, or are the result of human actions, three elements must be available for a wildfire to burn. Fuel, a strong heat source and oxygen.
- Fuel can be any material that feeds the fire. For example: grass, brushes, trees, and sometimes even houses.
- You can create a defensible space around your house that covers at least 30 feet – This is your shield.
- Since the fire sparks can travel for miles, make sure that your gutters and rooftop are cleared as well.
- The best way to keep an eye out is through communication networks, either through social media, or even better: old-school local radio broadcasts.
- If a wildfire has spread beyond control, and it’s close to where you live, chances are you’ll need to evacuate as soon as possible.
- The best route to take is the one that doesn’t have enough flammable material for the flames to feed on; such as waterways and rocky areas.
- When evacuating, your best tool outta there is your car. So, map out all the roads you can take that will lead you to safety.
- Keep all your important valuables ready inside a box. This should include passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, family jewelry, and whatnot.
- According to statistics, more than 50% of homeowners either refuse, or fail to evacuate their homes.
- Make sure you keep all windows and doors closed, but NOT locked. This will prevent the fire from spreading faster, while still allowing fire-fighters to get in.
- Change to cotton clothing. Most other synthetic material can melt and cause serious injuries.
- Flames outside a house can cause the temperature inside the home to rise, causing a fire inside the house. So, it’s important to move the furniture away from the walls, and to the center of each room.
- Lastly, don’t leave your home until you’re sure you’ll have better chances of surviving outside than inside.

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