*♡*Personal Attention ASMR~Reiki Facial and Muscle Relaxation Session*♡*

Hello dearest heart!

We begin this session by relaxing tension held within all of the tiny muscles in your face. I then channel Reiki (primordial life force energy) for your eyes, ears, top of your head and back of the head. This session is particularly helpful for relieving headaches, migraines, sinuses, sore throat, cold & flu symptoms, as well as mental/emotional stress. I hope you find it soothing as well as healing!

Love forever,


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I am a Reiki Level II practitioner and intuitive energy healer who truly believes in the natural health benefits of ASMR, the unconditionally loving bond it facilitates through connecting to one another, as well as the development of future ASMR communication technology to support sensitive children and autistic individuals. I appreciate any and all support offered at this time.

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