Wormax.io - GOLDEN HACKER WORM vs 14500 WORMS! // Epic Wormaxio Gameplay (Wormaxio Funny Moments)

Wormax.io GOLDEN HACKER WORM vs 14500 WORMS! // Epic Wormaxio Gameplay (Wormaxio Funny Moments) | wormaxio gonots

Play Wormax.io, wormax.io is online multiplayer io game. Control your worm as it swim around the screen, eat shiny orbs to get bigger, don’t run into other players. Collect cool power-ups as you swim along. Try to become the largest worm on the server. Sign up to team up with your friends and play together. Your goal in the game is to make your worm as long as you can. To do that, you need to collect food on the map avoiding running into other worms.You can invite friends to the game by sending them your personal link (you have to be registered to do that).Once registered, you will receive essence based on your performance in each game session, and you will also get access to Rating, Shop and Premium.

How To Play Wormaxio

Your worm can not only crawl, picking up food and boosters. As you set length are available Skills: Acceleration - Increases the speed of movement of the worm. It is activated when the set length of 11 by pressing the left mouse button or by pressing Q. If you use the skill spends 10 lengths per second. Stop - stops the movement of the worm, is sandwiched button (but not more than 5 seconds). It becomes available when you set the length of 100. It is activated by pressing and holding the button W. Ghost - makes transparent worm for 5 seconds. At this time, the worm may overlap with other worms, without dying. It is activated when the set length of 500 by pressing the button E. After using the second and third skills are skills recharge. If after receiving the habit of the worm length falls below the receiving threshold, the skill stays with the player until the end of a gaming session. Health - instantly gives 300 to the current length of the worm Toxicity - making worm toxic for 1 minute. If the worm will die until it toxic, its mass becomes toxic (green) and when it is eating the length of the absorbed will be reduced by the amount of food eaten. Food departing from toxic worm in its acceleration, as toxic. UnAbsorbed toxic food after a while disappears. The length of the worm-eating toxic food, can not fall below 10 Magnet - Food collection radius is increased by 20% for 1 minute Spyglass - viewing distance is increased by 10% for 1 minute Conservation of mass - if the acceleration does not lose the length of the worm for 1 minute. Play io Games

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