U.S. Navy's New Ford-Class Aircraft Carriers Could Be a Game Changer

The carrier battle group, with its combination of surface combatants, submarines and aircraft is the most powerful military unit ever created. Time for a "bulk buy".

with their ability to move globally, project power against the land from a sovereign base at sea, act as the centerpiece for the organization of naval forces to exert sea control and to deploy a wide array of aerial platforms, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (CVN) may be this nation’s number one asymmetric military advantage.

Our prospective adversaries have acknowledged as much by their extensive and expensive efforts to place the CVN at risk.

A new class of CVNs, the Ford, multiplies the advantage provided by the older ships. Its electromagnetic launch system, advanced arresting gear, placement of the tower, state-of-the-art power generation system and new radar will allow the Ford to generate some 25 percent more sorties than its older brethren. Its defensive system and stealth features will provide improved protection against a range of threats. Investments in information technology and automation will enable Ford-class CVNs to operate more effectively and efficiently with a smaller crew.


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