Girl's Day - Female President | Areia Remix #120

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Girl's Day - Female President | 걸스데이 - 여자 대통령
Original Copyright©2013 Dream Tea Entertainment Korea

Remix Production by Jun Areia

Release Date: 2013.07.18
Genre: Progressive / House / Trance
Tempo: 124 bpm
Key: Eb

Female Who?

The first time I've heard of the title of Girl's Day new song I was in skepticism: this could be either an interesting Brown Eyed Girl style girl-pride song or yet another cute girly song about that girl that she can't express their feelings. Happily it was a nice refreshing blend of both. The song has been in charts for a while and can be heard all across Korea on repeat. It feels like this is Girl's Day "Gee" or "Abracadabra" or just the ticket to be more known and appreciated by the Korean audience which is what brings income and success to their company by their live events.

The question asked by many is how "legit" is the use of the name "Female President" as a song and whether there should be used in such context that clearly indicates some kind of inequality or "build-ups" from the females of Korea. Korea currently does have a woman as a president and there is a lot of fuzz of her being in that position as the daughter of a dictator loved by the older population of Korea but that's all some history and politics we as foreigners should just leave alone and definitely don't trust every random opinion we found online and take it as a source of understanding.

Back to our subject it's very typical to think girls weaker in every aspect and you can get a similar feel from all Korean dramas and movies out there. Of course that's not the actual reality as Korean women have clearly a great impact in the Korean society. You could say that's just how this society grew because of its deep Confucius. But maybe this approach is wrong all together - all three lyricists of the song are guys which just shows yet again what some guys think about girls. Not a good indication of what girls really feel is it? But oh wait... isn't such song supposed to be written by a girl then? Females in the k-pop production circles hmmm... there are some... some.

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