Testimony of an Addict: My Story Behind the Camera

Where I'm at and where I've been are night and day. For over 100 days now I've been experiencing unimaginable loss and pain. Often us YouTubers don't show this type of content, But as I state in the video I want to bring all of me to you guys. I think if done correctly it could be a healthy way of coping for me, And perhaps it will bring us closer together as a family.

I am not proud of the mistakes I've made, But I am actively pursuing rectification, forgiveness and treatment. I welcome all of you on the journey. Of course other vaping content will be forthcoming, But from time to time I will likely discuss or vlog during/after treatment to encourage others in similar situations.

Ultimately I guess my goal in doing this is to release pressure off my own chest by opening up and talking about my addiction, But also to help anyone else out there that might be dealing with something as well.

The vape community is where I feel at home, and regardless of whatever happens I'm never leaving it. I'm in the process of finding myself again, Finding strength and hopefully in the process finding salvation.

I love all of you, And the level of disappointment I feel is indescribable, But this is the vaper behind the camera. The man. The addict.

~ Steam (Clayton)

"Premium Eliquid vs DIY Eliquid | The Myth and the Facts"


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