The labrador has been America’s most popular breed for twenty six consecutive years. The breed is known for it’s playful and friendly nature. If you are considering a Labrador Retriever as your next pet, here are five things you should know.

5. Labradors as a breed comes in three colors, most commonly black, yellow, and chocolate. Black is the most common color for the breed, yellow is more often used by police and security professionals, and chocolate is the rarest of color for the breed.

4. Labradors were developed as retrievers who originally worked the Labrador sea. For this reason, any good owner, should ensure that their Labrador gets some water play. Weather it’s a local pond or a backyard pool water is an essential element for the breed.

3. Labradors are a hunting breed, they are athletic and intelligent breed. Labs will need regular exercise that allow them to burn energy. They are retrievers so a half hour of fetch would be a rewarding routine for your Lab. Labradors are also high energy, they make good jogging and biking partners.

2. Labs are relatively easy in regards to grooming. The breed does shed a lot, a good brushing twice a week so that your home is not covered in hair. The next two issue come as a result of the breed’s love of water. Labs who swim in the ocean or in a pool, will need a fresh water rinse, to remove salt water and chlorine respectively. Lastly, moisture in the ears can cause ear infections, so be sure to dry the labs thoroughly.

1. Labradors are gentle and friendly dogs, this is in combination with their intelligence are likely the reason why they are the number one breed used for guide work. This gentle and friendly nature means that Labradors are not good guard dogs. But the breed is intelligent and highly trainable, so you easily teach your lab to be a sevicible watch dog.
There you have five things anyone considering owning a Labrador Retriever, should know.

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