VCR head gyroscope! ...and other shiny spinning objects

Finding a junk VCR is pretty easy. Don't just throw it away- adapt the VCR's head into a spinning gyroscope! If you don't have an air compressor: 1) turn a bicycle upside down and petal it. 2) while holding the stationary half of the head, gently press the free half against the spinning tire rubber. Think of this just like two spur gears; the huge gear reduction (about 10:1)* should have the gyroscope humming along at a rotational speed comparable to what is shown here.

Vsauce: Any similarities between this video and Michael Stevens' recent video is entirely coincidental. I filmed this without knowing about it. I would like to take the opportunity to endorse that channel though! Vsauce1 is one of my favorite channels, and (imo) it has consistently produced some of the best content on the internet.
Please watch 'Spinning':

Giaco Whatever:
He also just made a similar video! I swear, I had no intention of being a copycat! Well, this one is also about making a spinner.
'99999+ RPM Fidget Spinner Toy':


*Assuming a 26" bicycle tire and a 2.5" VCR head (these measurements are diameters), we can multiply both of these numbers by pi (π) to get their circumferences:
26(π)= 81.7
2.5(π)= 7.9

If we then divide: 81.7/7.9= 10.3
Thus, every time the bike tire goes around, the gyroscope will go around over 10 times!

-Circumference is how far it is around a circle.
-Diameter is how wide a circle is.
-π is how far it is around a circle when the diameter of that circle is 1. That's about 3.14.
-Parentheses indicate multiplication, for example: 2(3)= 6.

Oh, and the head spinner becomes cold.
Thanks for reading ;)

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